1984 - 1987 Ecole des Beaux Arts, Rouen

Four years at the Ecole de Beaux Arts in Rouen, together with studies at a floral art centre and participation in a photographic club has been a wide and varied background for such a creative artist as Hugette Guermeur.
It has been said that, for her, life and its surroundings are enchanting. She approaches every aspect of painting with the same ease, from oil to acrylic, ink and watercolour.

She sings the praises of her native Brittany, be it under siege from storms or subdued seas, she fixes her emotions of snow-covered peaks, waterfalls and torrents. The nostalgic atmosphere of her misty contryside scenes and her majestic waves entrance us.
Her poppies in chinese ink, her orchids, her large scale wild flowers worked in warm tones bursting with life, sunshine and freedom, have earned her respect as a renowned floral painter. Her marine life artistic interpretations are painted in an extreme realist state in highly personal compositions.

More and more, her preference is turning towards abstract work that lets her imagination run free and allows the onlooker to dream and imagine in their own way. It is not sufficient just to look at her paintings; one must stop and enter inside their spirit. Only then can the dream begin.

Numerous gold and vermeil medals, as well as independant prizes have been awarded to Hugette both in France and overseas. Following an award for excellence in Kyoto in Japan in 1999, she established her own gallery in Camaret-sur-Mer where she has a permanent exhibition and from where she runs painting courses.

Awards :
1992 Bronze Medal from the European Art Academy.
1988 - 1998 : 4 Silver Medals, 2 Gold Medals with honours and 2 Vermeil Medals with commendation from the Internation Academy of Lutèce.
1999 Award for Excellence, Kyoto, Japan.